Precice Stryde®

The key to the Nuvasive platform technology is the magnetic interaction between the PRECICE STRYDE or the intramedullary nail and the remote control. The owner can control remotely thanks to a system of internal magnets, the complex gear system of the nail. This technology allows an absolute precision control and allows the customization of the treatment in a non-invasive way.

Important: Following the recent temporary withdrawal from the International market of all products in the Precice range by the manufacturer, all surgeries using this device are postponed to a date to be allocated.

The benefits of STRYDE

STRYDE limb elongation is the latest advancement of Orthopedics, Inc.

It is the third generation of this path and is based on the effectiveness of PRECICE.

With thousands of implanted devices since its commercial release in 2011, Nuvasive continues to innovate while maintaining its mission to constantly raise the standards of orthopaedic care.

The advantages of STRYDE:
• Reinforced internal mechanism
• Treatment option of the patient and surgeon’s choice
• Customizable elongation protocol
• New PRECICE magnetic technology
• Up to 80 mm in length
• The nail can be reversed

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Technology, the state of the art

The PRECICE system consists of an implantable intramedullary nail, locking screws, reusable tools and a portable external remote control (ERC).

STRYDE is a sterile disposable device that is surgically implanted. The CER is used daily after implantation in a non-invasive manner.
The PRECICE STRYDE system is designed to lengthen the limbs of the femur and tibia.


External Remote Controller (ERC)

ERC is a tool able to control the mechanisms of the implant and then lengthen or shorten the STRYDE nail.

The ERC prescription is customized by the doctor to meet the needs of each patient. It is designed to be used in the clinical and also in the home of the patient.


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