This is Emma, a former patient six months after the surgery

We are proud of it

The experience of Doctor Guichet on over 300 elongation by means of the Nails Albizzia® and Guichet® allows to ensure an excellent success. The results depend very much on the patient’s psychological motivation and determination. The pain varies from one patient to another, but it is definitely influenced by the will to succeed in the project. Patients resume training the day after surgery. The pain and a feeling of stiffness (even when full mobility is resumed) are quite frequent: it decreases from the end of the elongation and then gradually disappears, until complete ossification, and is then forgotten. At least two operations are required for bilateral elongation. One to insert the nails, a second to remove them. Occasionally due to unforeseeable events or due to diagnoses that require it expressly depending on the clinical evaluation of the individual patient.

The average increase of about 700 cosmetic elongations was 67 mm. In cases of dwarfism, the gain is up to 22 cm on the femur.
The gain obtained with the program of Doctor Guichet (and its specific know-how and protocol) is much faster than the use of other techniques: 43-50 mm in a month and 70-75 mm in 2 months.


Aesthetic bifemoral elongation

The lengthening has certainly brought my life to a complete new level. I cannot stress enough how happy I am for the decision I took. The quality of my life has improved dramatically: now I am a more positive and optimistic person. I am much more self confident and I am also more productive and disciplined than I was before I did the lengthening. Now I am fully aware that dreams that the vast majority of the people deem impossible can come true and unbelievable things can happen with motivation, dedication and work.

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On the 31/05/2018, at 9 a.m. I was carried on a bed into the surgery room where the Dr. Guichet should put one of his nails into my left femur. Seated on that bed, waiting for the anesthesia I was shaking like a leaf, all the things that I was hiding into my mind in the six months before, thanks to the intensive training sessions pre-surgery, started getting out into my mind, then, after some minutes the black.

I woke up into my room while I was rising, again and again, the left leg straight while the Doctor was counting the repetitions and he was recording a video saying “50 repetitions after one hour after the surgery” the first thing that I thought was “Ok, it’s still there and it’s moving!” obviously the leg, not the Doctor! Everything went well…

The memories of the first days are not clear probably because of the anesthesia and the painkillers, but I remember that I felt myself again destroyed, like 15 years ago when I got the accident where I have lost 4,5cm from the femur because of the compound and exposed fracture, every single movement seems difficult, I felt myself like a sloth, but I was able to stand up from the bed, use the exercise bike, walking with the crutches only some hours from the surgery quite without any help and all those things gave me the strength and the bravery to start reacting!

The nail of the Doctor Guichet has got an internal mechanism that permits it to extend doing a particular rotation movement of the leg called “click” for the sound that makes, 15 clicks are 1mm of gain, I had in front of me more than 600 clicks to do, the Doctor showed me how to do them and he gave me a file with the daily plan to follow.

Discharged from the Clinique I started going to the gym where followed by a trainer from the team, we did every day some rehabilitation exercises, the same exercises that we have to do others hundreds of times at home.

The first weeks were very difficult, the pain, the exercises to do, the visits, moving around in a city that I didn’t know, public transports, etc. Everything was difficult. Passing the days, the pain became less and in no time the new routine began.

My life in this month makes me felt like I was in a TV show: wake up, breakfast, clicks, exercises, snack, gym, lunch, sleep, clicks, exercises, snack, gym, snack, exercises, dinner, exercises, clicks, bed 7 days on 7…

While the weeks were passing I started seeing the legs lining up even more and when I put off the last piece of input from the shoe for the first time in 15 years I felt a sensation of indescribable liberty.

After one month from the surgery I have gained all the 450mm that I need, I’ve started walking without crutches, I’m recovering the energy and I can start living balanced with myself!

Was it hard? Surely!

Would I do it again? YES!

Before and after results
Post-operative training

When I was 22, I had a car accident in Romania. I broke my right lower limb, I was in the hospital for 5 months and had 13 surgeries on the same leg. They said that I may not be able to walk again, I was even told that it would be much more easier if I would give up my right leg. I choose not to give it up, continue to go further and took all the risks.

I had an external fixator and stayed on a wheel chair for a few months, after they change it into two internal plates with 21 screws. They said I would need to walk with crutches for the rest of my life. But I was too young, and I couldn’t imagine nor accept my life in crutches. So, I started looking for other options.

My doctor advised me to go abroad in search for other options since he had done all he could do.

I went to see surgeons in Romania, England, France and Milan. In Milan, I visited Dr. Guichet who proposed me to change the plates for a nail.

After a few months, I fell down and broke my plates, all surgeons proposed to replace my plates, but they could not guarantee that it will not break again. The only long term solution for me was a Nail, and I knew that the only one surgeon who could do it in my condition was Dr. Guichet.

I went back to him and told him that I chose the option to insert a Nail, and so we did it.

After the surgery with Dr. Guichet, I stayed in the hospital for only 3 days, which could not be compared to my other surgeries in which I had to be recovered for up to 5 months.

I stayed in Milan for a month for rehabilitation recovery, I always had someone to contact from Dr. Guichet’s office, and I even was in direct contact with Dr. Guichet himself. I was treated as a friend rather that a patient from the whole Team. My Heart was warm.

A few months after my surgery, I could resume walking without crutches initially just for a short walk and I started driving again.

The message I would like to share with you is that:

When you feel desperate
Do not give up on your dreams
Do not give up on your hopes
Do not give up on your wishes
Because if you give up on everything
What else to live for?
So keep going, keep running.
When your legs get tired
Keep running with your Heart.

I was lucky to find Dr. Guichet and I believed in him. Now, I walk on my two feet.

Xrays with external fixator
Xrays after insertion of intramedullary nail

Will I ever be able to grow? I am now 20. At 17 I was 133 cm. I am now 150 cm and gained 17cm. I gained a first time 7.7 cm and was really happy. I still wanted to get much taller and had another surgery for the next year.

My second surgery was nothing like the first one.  I had almost no pain and managed to live without any pain killers. The procedure went very well and after 1500 rackets I gained another 10 cm. I was really motivated and couldn’t have made it without it. Overall I am really happy with the surgery and the surgeon Dr. Guichet.

If ever you are in despair because of your height, I hope you will find in this comment a message of hope!

17cm taller

This is it. I am taking the train back to Nice from Marseille. My leg is slightly sore but nothing to worry about… It’s true that Dr. Guichet removed my nailed yesterday. I pulling my computer off its sleeve to explain you why I decided to do the surgery and how it went. It’s really hard to find trustable info on the web since each doctor claim that they are the best and all the comments say the opposite. To begin with, in 1990 I got a serious fracture while skateboarding. Damaging my bone and reducing its growth.

The surgery went very well. With the drugs prescribed, the pain was tolerable. When I woke up Dr. Guichet explained me how it went. I then did 20 min of bike on the same day of surgery!

The racketing isn’t painful if you manage to be perfectly muscularly relaxed. I did 7 rackets, 3 time per day (+1.5mm/day).

It is essential to perfectly follow the training procedures. The procedure is intensive, extremely well through and requires a lot of motivation. There was a pool in my hotel in which I swam in daily. Since I only lengthened one my legs also I managed to take the bus and go to the Prado beach in Marseille. I stayed in Marseille for 1.5 month. When I went home, during the summer, I kept training at my own pace. 6 month after the surgery I went back to all my favorite sports (Running, Skateboarding, Mountain Biking without any difficulty).

I must admit it is hard to find trustable infos on the web – this is why I decided to share my story. Throughout the surgery everything went well. The result is amazing, I couldn’t have expected more. I also learned a lot about myself. I would like to thank Dr. Guichet for the quality of his work and his work ethic.

I was 160 cm before the surgery and was very conscious about my height. I always wanted to be taller and this complex affected my daily life. Every time I was in the crowded place I was unable to stop thinking about my small (I as felt) height. Therefore, my parents and I decided to find the solution and Dr Guichet helped us with that. I am very glad that I undertook the lengthening because it made me confident and, I believe, a happy person.

Nevertheless, I should tell that it is a very serious step and every person who plans to undertake surgery should be prepared not only physically, but also mentally. My parents, and especially mother was a great support, she not only helped me with cooking and other day-to-day routine, but also supported me emotionally when I was tired or in pain. So my advise is to take with you a such kind of person with you during the lengthening. The team and doctor also provided a lot of support 24/7 and a really high quality services in Milan (where I did surgery), I especially enjoyed morning training at Isokinetic. Probably my another advise would be to rent an apartment with no stairs.

Overall, I am really happy with the result, I gain 7cm, but most importantly I received what I always wanted – a freedom of being myself with no complexes.

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Want to be taller

I always had trust in Dr. Guichet’s excellence. I had a good result and now am truly happy with my life.

I am 33, married with 2 childrens. I had a severe road injury which shortened one of my legs. During 14 years I have been suffering from this discrepancy. In 2001 I met with Dr. Guichet and we started together my spectacular metamorphosis! No one would have expected that it was possible to grow taller at 33 years old. After an hour long consultation, the news was not so great:

  • One leg shorter than the other
  • My femur and tibias axises are badly aligned.
  • A major Genu Varum.

Dr. Guichet, unlike any other doctors I’ve met found a solution. He explained me thoroughly how he will fix each of these problems.

First I started the preparation with my physiotherapist to increase my muscle strength. At the end of May the first surgery. Because of my pathologies, Dr. Guichet performed different surgeries. At the end of September the third operation. My right leg is finally straight and is the beginning of my true metamorphosis. Of course there were moments of discouragement, of suffering also because of the distance from my family. But thanks to the will to succeed and to return to walking normally, and also thanks to the support of my husband I went on. On December 28, the last operation, finally with the setting of the nail for lengthening (6 cm, 1 mm/Day). And instead of New Year’s Eve I started clicking. Morning, noon, evening, and lots of training. Spring arrived, with its blossoms, birds singing and the blue sky. I was fully done with the procedure in may, one year later. Now I walked normal. I always had trust in Dr. Guichet’s excellence. I had a good result and now am truly happy with my life.

Throughout the year I had confidence in my surgeon. Today I am happy, I got a good result. And not only for my physical appearance, but also for my health. I realized how useful it is in daily life to be able to walk correctly. And I forgot all the hard times.

I owe all this  to my surgeon, Dr Guichet, and in all simplicity and sincerity I address to him a great Thank you.

It was a dream, Dr. Guichet realized it with will, confidence, patience, everything can be achieved.


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