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Aesthetic bifemoral elongation

The lengthening has certainly brought my life to a complete new level. I cannot stress enough how happy I am for the decision I took. The quality of my life has improved dramatically: now I am a more positive and optimistic person. I am much more self confident and I am also more productive and disciplined than I was before I did the lengthening. Now I am fully aware that dreams that the vast majority of the people deem impossible can come true and unbelievable things can happen with motivation, dedication and work.

The lengthening has been so beneficial and important to my life, and I have the feeling that the benefits will be even more meaningful to me in the future, that I would like to help anyone who is thinking about doing it or who is doing right now by sharing my advices for a successful and wonderful experience.


When you sign all the documents and make the payment to book the surgery should be extremely happy and proud of yourself and you realise you are extremely lucky.

You need to be happy because It is the beginning of your dream and most likely at the same time you are finally starting to solve your problem.

Then you need to be proud of yourself because you have been dedicated and smart enough to find a way to solve your problem and/or relative your dream. And it also means you have the resources and the courage to undertake such a unique experience. Keep in mind that almost everyone would like to become taller. But the reality is that an extremely small percentage of the people have the money to afford for the operation and the strength and courage to undertake such a surgery.

So you are really extremely lucky to be one of the few people in the world to have been given this unique opportunity. Do not waste it and make the most out of it!

Last but not least, the lengthening is a perfect opportunity to take a rest and enjoy life.

You will not be going to the office, but you will exercise (that gives you energy and put you into a good mood), eat (good food puts everyone in good mood) and sleep (if you exercise and eat as you should, sleeping will be a real pleasure just like when you were a kid and you were growing) a lot. It was indeed a vacation for me. What I did in order to enjoy the physical exercise even more was to always put the music on.


A lengthening is a challenging commitment under several points of view. It is not cheap and it requires a lot of physical and mental efforts. But if you have the right motivation you can certainly do it and enjoy it. So my advice is to take some time to think if this is really important for your life before making such a significant investment in terms of money, time and energy.

Do not make the decision right away.

Take the time to study, make research and learn as much as you can by yourself about this field.

Take a consultation with Dr. Guichet and also to other doctors who perform lengthening surgeries while you are doing your researches and consideration and, if possible, meet and speak with someone who is doing the lengthening right now or did it in the past. They are the best people on earth to ask questions about this experience. Take the time and speak also with the trainers if it is possible. They play a much more important role than the surgeon during the lengthening. You will grow with them, not with the Doctor.

At the same time, do not think about it too much. Time goes by too fast and life is very short.

Give yourself a deadline. It will help you to make a decision and not to waste precious time.


You should undertake this process to improve your life. Not to worsen it or end it!

The lengthening is a uniquely wonderful experience, but it entails some risks you must not underestimate.

If you do something stupid, you might hurt yourself, reduce the maximum possible gain you can reach or even get paralysed or die in the very worst scenario.

Literally anything can happen in life. An old saying stated that only two things in life are certain: death and taxes.

So have fun and enjoy the lengthening because even if you will be a bit limited, you can still do almost everything.

But stay focus, listen to Doctor and the trainers (do what they tell you to do and do not decide for yourself!

You should ask them all the questions you have, but you need to listen to them and trust them otherwise it makes no sense to engage and pay them.

So do not take decisions on your own (like for instance the number or clicks or the quantity and type of medication) and keep safety as your very first priority!


The preparation is probably the most important part for a successful lengthening. Just like taking an exam. The more you study and get prepared, the higher the probably the outcome will be satisfactory.

The preparation will also give you the possibly to understand if this is really important for you.

If this is not important for you, you will find excuses not to prepare properly.

If this is really significant for your, then you will be more than happy to study about it, exercise seriously, stop smoking (in case you are a smoker), put other things temporary aside in your life and save money for the lengthening.


During the lengthening process you should never think about saving money.

You certainly should not waste money (we should never do that), but remember that the preparation and your safety are more important than the money.

So invest on the preparation and make sure to have money to afford a good accommodation (convenient location nearby the gym and doctor’s office, enough room, well designed for your needs) and everything else you will need during your lengthening.

My advice for you is to reduce any risk as much as possible.

So do not cook by yourself but rather order meals through the applications or go out to eat or pay a maid to cook for you.

Do not take public transportation, but get a taxi instead and always fast the seat belt (again, anything can happen and you want to reduce risks as much as possible).

Have a maid cleaning your place for you. Do not do it by yourself. If you fall you might break your bones, break the nails etc. Then the damages caused by such accidents will be much more expensive and less pleasing than dining out.

Once again, during the lengthening safety and a successful outcome are your priorities. Not saving money.

Also make sure to have enough money to enjoy life. Both London and Milan are amazing cities with some much to offers in terms of entertainments. There are a lot of beautiful monuments to see and museums to visit, so many excellent restaurants to try and a lot of interesting events. Join a club or an international organization like Internations if you feel like to need to know people. I think you will be already very busy with the lengthening, but if you are able to manage your time efficiently and social gathering helps you, then go for it.


Always keep in mind you need to be disciplined and committed through the whole process.

This is helps you to reduce risks and reach your desired target.

Make sure to do even more than the minimum amount of physical exercise if you can.

Make sure to have a sufficient calories intake.

Take the prescribed medications and wear the compression socks.

Fill in the excel spreadsheet everyday.

Do It everyday and do not stay behind. Then it will be much more difficult and tiring to catch up and if you do not fill in the excel spreadsheet it would be much more difficult for the Doctor and the trainers to guide and help you.


You will find out that the physical exercise is the best medicine during the lengthening.

It is incredible how much better you feel after cycling. And while you are warming up for the clicks, you will notice that the more and the better you do the exercises, the better you will feel.

If you can manage to and the trainers agree to, I advise you to go further with the training and ask the trainers to work also a little bit on the upper part of the body. It will be fund to train also your abs, arms and chests. But also here, do not decide for yourself! Ask the trainers.


 It might be hard to believe and you might not think it during the lengthening. But most likely you will be missing clicking.

Clicks are indeed fun and they are not painful at all if performed properly.

The sound is unique and every time you hear it you need to think that you are taller and your the realization of your dream is getting closer and closer. 


The lengthening certainly make you taller but it is surprisingly short.

It really goes by extremely fast and this is always way it is so amazing: you reach what seems to be the most impossible dream or your life in such a short period of time.

You need to consider this both before taking your final decision and during the process.

Keeping this in mind, will help you enjoy and make the most out of this experience.


The lengthening will not only make you taller, it will make a better person and it will represent the starting point of a better life.

If you do it properly, you will become more responsible and diligent.

You will improve your organisation, time management and problem solving skills.

You will also be more respectful and more generous because you will understand what it means to have limited physical capabilities.

You will learn a lot of new things and therefore you will become more knowledgeable and self confident.

Most likely you will have make new friends and you will understand that you are not alone in this world.

You will probably meet people shorter than you, with legs discrepancy and even people affected by dwarfism or people without part of a limb. This will make realise the world is full of people with problems even more difficult than yours. For these people you should dedicate yourself even more during the lengthening and in life in general.

And keeping these less fortunate people in mind, you should never complain in life but rather work hard to find a solution to problems.

The lengthening will not only increase your height, but it will bring you to a higher level as a human being.

All these things, will certainly make a better person and give you and the ones nearby you a better life.

Good luck and all the best!

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