How to achieve lengthening - The Guichet Method

For those who have a medical or cosmetic need of limbs lengthening, the method developed by Dr Guichet and his staff is the most effective and the least invasive solution. It is a safe and fast system that is based on the state-of-the-art technological devices and on the early resumption of limb functionality through muscle training.


Guichet® Nail

It is the result of years of experience and continuous improvements. It is surgically inserted inside the bone, it allows the early support on the same day of the surgery and allows the lengthening of the bone through some movements of rotation of the limb (the so-called cliqueting), to be carried out every day during the training, over the course of two months. The surgery leaves almost invisible scars.


In particular cases an alternative system to the nail is used, more invasive but more suitable

In some very complex cases, the choose to use the types of external fixator. This type of surgery is more complicated for the patient, requires more collaboration and foresees longer rest periods



1 INITIAL CONSULTATION - Each case is different and deserves attention and a thorough examination

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2 PRE-OPERATIVE STEPS - A professional training to properly prepare the body

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3 SURGICAL INTERVENTION - Dr Guichet and a trusted staff will take care of the crucial and most delicate part of the whole process

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4 POST-OPERATIVE - The actual lengthening is a challenging and delicate phase

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Milan, London: two locations one team of the highest level

For over 30 years, Dr. Guichet has dedicated his studies and surgical practice to lengthening and bone reconstruction for his patients. For lengthening, he has also developed specific techniques such as the use of the intramedullary nail to correct the axis and ligaments of the knee in children. The treatment project is highly customized and considers not only orthopedic aspects but also psychological ones, to achieve the best possible result together, corresponding to the best current quality standards. Dr. Guichet's team takes care of the patients in both Milan and London to support them throughout the entire process, guaranteeing comprehensive care. Operations take place in centers of absolute excellence: Columbus Clinic Centre in Milan, Weymouth Street Hospital in London, and Harly Street Specialist Hospital in London. Both locations are supported by a rehabilitation center for preparation and physiotherapy, together with trainers who work directly with Dr. Guichet to follow every stage, from preparation to post-op follow-up. Accompaniment and psychological support are provided throughout the process by international specialists. Many skills, one Team!


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