Dr Guichet's limb lengthening surgery offers a solution for the following cases: unilateral lengthening of the femur, tibia and humerus for post-traumatic, hereditary or congenital pathologies, dwarfism and short stature compared to the standard of the population, aesthetic interventions on anatomical proportions, bone diseases and abnormalities of bone architecture.

There are many reasons to decide to face an operation of lengthening of the limbs without a pathological cause

Patients who require an extension of limbs often have a shorter stature than the average population, which can cause psychological distress. Or they have professional or often sporting needs.


Elongation of those born with dwarfism means a chance to improve their quality of life

The surgical technique of elongation helps to lengthen, correct and stabilize the bone malformations that accompany the dwarfism acondroplasic.


A limb length difference can cause functional problems

At the upper limbs level (arm, forearm) a moderate difference will not have functional consequences. On the contrary of the lower limbs, even a minimal difference induces problems to the spine and lameness.


May occur after a trauma with or without fracture or result from birth (hereditary or congenital)

The bone deformations affect the architecture of the axes of the body, sometimes visible already as a child, and often are evolving. They prevent the correct functionality of the movement.


The lengthening of the limbs as a whole is certainly not an easy surgery, good information is needed



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