Dr Guichet and a trusted staff will take care of the crucial and most delicate part of the whole process

Surgical Intervention

It takes place under total anesthesia. It lasts about two hours per bone segment (femur or tibia). In case of bilateral elongation during the same operation approximately five hours of intervention will be necessary. Its duration is about 2 hours per bone segment (femur tibia). In case of bilateral lengthening at the same time it is necessary to calculate 5 hours of intervention.

Anesthesia is also essential to decrease bleeding during the operation Doctor Guichet uses the peridural morphic technique, arterial hypotension, etc.

A small incision (slightly larger than that of an arthroscopy) is made on the top of the affected bone (femur, tibia or humerus) in the axis of the bone canal. The bone canal is calibrated, then the bone is cut from the inside, thanks to an "endomedullary" saw that is inserted through the same incision in the bone canal. This avoids an additional scar in almost all cases. The nail is then inserted into the bone canal through the same incision, in "percutaneous", and locked into the bone by means of an upper screw and two lower screws, thanks to an extremely precise system.

No other nail used in elongation is equipped with a pointing system for the lower screws, making the duration of locking more uncertain.

squadra operatoria 1
squadra operatoria 2
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