There are many reasons to decide to face an operation of lengthening of the limbs without a pathological cause

Patients who require an extension of limbs often have a shorter stature than the average population, which can cause psychological distress. Or they have professional or often sporting needs.

Cosmetic lengthening

Patients requiring elongation often have a shorter stature than the average population, which can have quite obvious psychological and behavioural effects.
Some patients ask for an extension for professional reasons. For example, to join the Police, the Army, or to enter the fashion industry. Or even professionals who suffer in a negative way in their work environment this structural physical difference. These patients have a limited tolerance to the activities needed to achieve functional recovery, understandably linked to starting the project without initial functional problems.

The nail Guichet® allows a quick return to normality, and the skill developed by the team of Doctor Guichet allows the patient, who follows entirely the specific program in the center (Milan or London) throughout the duration of the lengthening, to have a fracture rate of 0%, compared to 5% for patients who do not follow the rehabilitation program completely, and 14% of fractures when it completely disregards the program.
The fracture rate is however extremely low, especially compared to other techniques that involve the exchange of nails as an integral part of the standard technique.

The competence and experience of Dr Guichet’s Team, combined with his mastery of the techniques and phases of bone scarring, allows a fast and safe return to everyday life, with an average of 67 mm of gain.
It is however to be taken into account that although the procedure is performed for aesthetic reasons, it does not have the same implications as other cosmetic procedures such as facelift, rhinoplasty, cosmetic breast surgery...

With repeated operations it is possible to achieve 10 to 15 cm of gain in aesthetics. It is preferable to proceed step by step. The first for a medium elongation (from 5 to 6 cm) and then repeat the procedure in order to obtain a total of approx.10 cm more. Always safeguarding the personal proportions of each.
Even calculating the recovery time it is definitely convenient to divide the procedure into two phases (2 operations of about 5 cm each). The elongation lasts in fact a total of 35 days for each of the 2 operations, while for a single operation of 10 cm the recovery time can vary between 90 and 120 days. Not only that, the complications are reduced, the recovery very accelerated, and the local pain much lower for patients especially during the second surgery.

allunga estetici2
allunga estetici3

Short congenital stature

Chromosomal abnormalities do not exist, we are all high or low if we do not have deformities or recognized pathologies, but we consider ourselves low in relation to the curves of height of the reference population. Social appreciation is therefore very variable from country to community. A person with a height of 1.60 cm, can be considered low in Norway, on the contrary, will be considered high on the Peruvian highlands.

The elongation of femurs and tibias is possible with the Nail (or similar) or with external fixators. When it is possible to make the elongation with the nail, there are no plausible indications to use the external fixator. And the functional results obtained with the previous nails Albizzia® or the new Nail Guichet® (G-Nail®) are clearly higher than those obtained by external fixators or nails without total support.

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